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Activity  field :
we had experience at the following fields
A-Supply  and export  and import  of any  industrial    goods  at  following  priority
Bearing  and bearing  component  for   all of industries  
testing  equipment : ball and roller  bearing  checking  fixture and tools and instrument    ,hardness tester  ,vibration tester , noise  testing machine, bearing  life  testing  machine  ,ball testing  instruments ,roller  test  instruments , CMM ,pantograph ,roughness  tester ,waviness tester ,length testing  machine
automotive industries  field :auto parts , bearings ,rubber seals ,brake pad ,absorber ,forged  components ,ground components
clad  metals :clad bimetal  or 3 metal  from   Al-Cu  metals  at sheet condition  or  any   shape  and size
steel products :bar,  tube, sheet ,strip ,wire especially  bearing  steel  
machinery  : stock  and new  for  all  machining  process  such as tuning ,grinding ,polishing  and super finishing ,laser cutting  and  laser marking , furnace  for heat treatment  and annealing ,   industrial  washing machine
production line :ball and roller   bearings , steel bar ,steel rebar , steel tube , steel wire ,
plastic industry :mould ,raw material ,machinery
chemical  field : such as ,raw material ,petrochemical  material ,grease ,additive ,chemical reagents
B-Bearing  engineering  for  all  of  Industry  :such as  consulting, designation, training ,customer  service , customer problem  solving , production line designation
C-big  size  bearing  repairing    
D-producing  and  supplying  machined part  and  forged  parts according  customer  requirements
E-installation  and  pre-operation of  any machining production  line  
F –Heat treatment  of  any cast Iron and  steel parts at industrial  scale