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The Internet is a wonderful tool, has the power to change the way people live and we're already seeing its impact on various aspects of life. With just a few mouse clicks, you can follow the news, learn about the latest events in the world, goods and services required to buy and keep in touch with other people around the world. One of the important points that we at the same time providing all the resources available to Internet users will, personal data and commercial customers use the Internet to remain confidential. Your privacy is important to have as our own and We believe your business is exclusively yours and the information provided should not be any other person or group. So all the information you provide us will be fully Nzdman reserved. Global patterns in order to keep your data protection and privacy of the customer and follows unique rules.

Our mailing address, telephone number, e-mail and other information you provide at any cost will not be someone else.
Completely up to date and advanced security methods to protect your data from unauthorized users will use.


Only in cases where identification is required or you need to contact you, we will ask for your personal information. Generally this information is recorded at the site ID, request newsletter via email or restrict access to parts of the site, you will be asked. We primarily use your personal information for four main objectives:

A convenience for your use of the site and no need to enter information more than once
To help you find the speed in software, services or information.
To help create your content match your needs with the most
And to inform you about new versions of products, offer special offers, updated information and other new services

Agreed to:

Even if you do not provide your personal information or registration, you can use most of the website, but access to the parts that are required to register, it will be possible only after registration.
It is possible to provide you with various membership services such as electronic newsletters, please specify the types of information you get from the site. If you wish to receive information, suggestions and news about products, programs, events or services by mail, send mail, phone or not, you have the option to indicate your desire not to receive commercial messages that you select.

Access to their registry data:

To ensure accuracy of data entry and edit and update the at any time, the tool will provide you, in this way, at any time of the "personal environment" will have access to their registry data, so you can:

Their personal information that you provide us, revise and edit.
Willingness or unwillingness to change the information.
Electronic newsletters about our products and services to become a member.
Sign up. Upon registration, you will not need to repeat information. Please refer to the section of the website, the information required, on account of record, will be with you.


To maintain the security of your personal information and to assure you that your choice for the intended user of this site, is respected and valued, have taken strong security methods. To protect your data from loss, being exploited, unauthorized access or disclosure, modification or destruction, or transformation, we have implemented strict security measures.
Hundred percent of your health and safety of e-commerce activities on this site is guaranteed. When you purchase online, we take you to the Web site of Iranian banks moved to contract and payment processing is done in banks, banks of all contracts with secure server software (SSL) use the Internet before sending your personal information from unauthorized access and encryption, keeps reserved. SSL is one of the safest encryption technologies available.
We strictly protect the security of your personal information and we your choice in the range of applications intended to respect. We take care of all your data from loss, getting abused, unauthorized access or disclosure, modification or change will be retained or destroyed. Your personal information is never without your permission, we set out from the seam will not, except under the conditions described above. In the collection of data in password-controlled servers with limited access are stored. You can set in the Islamic Republic of Iran or any other country, its functions, its subsidiaries or its representatives are stationed, to be stored and processed.
You also keep your personal information, have an important role. If your username and password are not disclosed to anyone, no one can achieve your personal information, or to edit them. So keep your username and password to the great care taken not to share it.


If for some reason believe that we do not move in line with these principles, please let us know via email. We immediately take appropriate action to identify and fix the problem, will do. Certainly in the "Subject" e-mail, the term "privacy" Never ask them out.

Electronic registration of products:

When you purchase and install a new product, ask you to register your purchase electronically. When you do, your registration information with the information that you provide us, and we call it your personal profile, we integrate. If you have not already registered, the registration of the product information that you provide a personal profile you create. Each time you wish to view or update your information, you can refer to their own environment, click "Update Profile" button and edit any personal information in your profile. Before it is necessary to make a name for your record. This way, you can be sure that your data access.

Client Profile:

As noted above, every registered customer, has a unique personal profile. Each profile is assigned a unique personal identification number.
During registration, you create a profile and a personal identification number assigned to it, then the code number which is very low volume, to give back to your cookie to your hard drive. This code is unique and your passport for your journey and travel nonstop throughout the site is no need to fill this registration form and only the information that you provided, will allow you to enter your personal environment. Even if you use another computer, just for your username and password to enter the record.

The information that we put what we have?

When you join us, your contact information, including name and address to put us. We use this information to send you copies of new orders, sent questionnaires to measure your satisfaction with our service and announcements about new and exciting services that we offer, we will use.

In some cases the companies to provide limited services on our behalf, including packaging, sending and delivery of products purchased, answering customer questions about products and services, mailing and processing of goods, logs, we invite. In such cases, only information that is required to provide these services, they will be available and use it for any other purpose for which the company is prohibited.

Our only if required by law or which follows it believes to be necessary, personal information, without notice, we will disclose: (A) comply with the law or comply with legal regulations of the site. (B) protect and defend our rights or property, and its website. (C) emergency action to protect the personal safety of users of this site or public safety.