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All rights reserved. Unless permitted under international copyright laws known, to reproduce, adapt or translate all or part of this site without permission is prohibited. All text, graphics, designs, content and other activities conducted at the site, we are under copyright.

Terms of use

Welcome to our website. Use of this site is subject to the terms and provisions which will be announced in the following. Please see terms and conditions before using this site, please read carefully. By using, accessing or downloading materials from this website, effectively accepting the terms and conditions outlined in this legal notice agree. These conditions all present and future of the site visits that will be taken on. In these Terms at any time may be revised and updated. It is worthy of this page often for changes made to the review. If the demand is in disagreement with the terms and conditions, do not use this website.


Information and material contained in this website solely for your personal non-commercial use, you can browse, download and copy. You can also of this material in support of our products you use in your organization. Condition of using this site, you agree that any material change in any case not or do not improve and Copyright and other proprietary rights notices contained in the original material is, in all the copies Bdaryd Reserved. Apart from that, other types of content or data, unauthorized, and any violation of the above items, will be prosecuted.

Proprietary information and material

All information and content websites, including official reports, news reports, forms, information, product descriptions and frequently asked questions, we are under copyright and any unauthorized use of copyright infringement, trademark law and other legislation is considered. Other rights expressly granted in this statement is not reserved for the site.

Trademark Information

Trademarks used on this site can be used only with written permission. All trademarks, brand names and names, are owned by their respective owners. Except where expressly specified in this legal notice, other content should not be monopolized as a trademark or a patent license or assignment, copyright or other proprietary rights owned by us or third parties, construed or inferred and without admitting or denying must be considered.

Links to other sites

In order to serve users and facilities, the website we've included links to other sites. This site is owned and operated by a third and responsible for the availability or content of any of them and not their content. The inclusion of links to third party Web sites, to verify that the site or its owner, or any relation between us and third-party site is not hosted.

Reflect feedback and comments

All comments, feedback, information or material provided through this site or with the Ghyrmhrmanh is considered to belong to us. Providing ideas, information, feedback or materials, in fact, the right to use, copy, modify, display and distribute this material freely available to our place and we can do this indefinitely, we used to titles and forms.

The responsibility

Our Internet team strives useful information, give you the correct and updated. Hence, the effort is Krdaym accurate information and content on this site, but we have no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information or we are not responsible for content.However, no commitment to update the information or material on the Website and their past history, we do not assume. Information or opinions provided in the bulletin boards or other Forums, not necessarily our opinions.injury or cause related to or resulting from any information posted to the website can not. The right to modify these conditions or legal restrictions at any time to have reserves. Comply with legal requirements and restrictions to ensure
that may later be added or changed, how often should you review this page. It's still legal legitimacy remains unless specific provisions of the other legal notice on certain pages of this website is expressly repealed or replaced.

All information and material contained on this site without any warranty, express or implied, and the "status quo" will be presented and all warranties of any kind, express or implied warranties, including the ability to sell, for special collateral, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as for commercial or business transactions and the rights of the missing to be with. Under no circumstances liable for all damages (Including, without limitation, indirect, special, or incidental damages resulting from the lack of income and loss of data, or suspension of the market) due to the use, inability to use or the results of using this site, links to the sites, or material and information contained in any of these sites, or civil liability under the contract or any other legal theory and even if aware of the possibility of such damages, do not assume any responsibility. If you use this website to any content or information services, repair or modification of equipment or data, and here you agree to pay all costs to get it.


This website can give you access to all or part of it, including but not limited to, any bulletin boards, etc. For any reason, including violation of the terms and provisions of this Agreement and only with his discretion, terminate or suspend. In that case the limits the content, statements and warranties, indemnities and limitations of liability, the contract should be declared until the end of access, remain in force.
Governing Law, Jurisdiction and competent court

This contract, regardless of its legal options, according to the laws of Islamic Republic of Iran and its design is reviewed. Special courts have exclusive jurisdiction and procedure-specific in disputes arising from this Agreement or relating to any of its provisions, have that in the case of potential litigation in the court's jurisdiction and the procedure will be introduced and filed.

General Rules

If any provision of this contract is void, determined to be illegal or any other reason it is not possible, give the provisions of this contract will be dismissed, but other provisions and regulations in force, it still remains. The entire agreement between you and us regarding use of the site taken in, and no change in its content is not applicable unless in writing signed by both parties is reached.